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Vehicle upgrades

4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 car and truck upgrades to the ultimate expedition vehicle for carefree adventures.


The Overland Engineering branch of Overland Travel specializes in upgrading 4x4 6x6 and 8x8 cars and trucks into ultimate expedition vehicles. Thanks to our years of experience with (weather) conditions, extreme temperatures, different continents and many travel days and miles, we know better than anyone what the perfect travel vehicle needs. Rely on our expertise so you can enjoy your expedition vehicle and the journey itself without worry.

expedition vehicles

made to measure or standardized


After the first trip with your own vehicle, a wishlist often develops. Overland Engineering takes care of building, installing, adapting and adjusting your car or truck until you have a full-fledged expedition vehicle that meets all your requirements. We understand very well that you might not know what is possible and what the effect of a modification on your vehicle might be. Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience, we know what works, what is really necessary and what is just ‘nice to have’. Or, for example, what does your vehicle more harm than good. We are always honest about that. Overland Engineering is also happy to help you come up with ideas and to advise you in order to create the expedition vehicle of your dreams, in which everything has been thought of. Even a good spare package and toolkit, which many travelers often forget.

Contact our specialists to discuss the goal or dream you have in mind to have your vehicle upgraded. Are you looking for a new or used expedition vehicle? We are happy to advise you on this too. Using our experience and network, we will search for a suitable vehicle for your purpose or dream.


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