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Expeditions with own car

Adventurous, self-sufficient and responsible travel with your own 4x4 car.

Expeditions with own car

Travel is enjoyment. History, nature, culture and of course adventure. Discovering new countries, meeting people and being enchanted by (still) unknown cultures and destinations. That's what's at the heart of Overland Travel car tours. Our trips guarantee unique travel experiences that you will remember for a long time.

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  • Adventurous expedition with challenges and instructions to brush up on your off-road skills.
  • A professional organization and complete peace of mind: your only task is to drive and enjoy
  • Although we organize group travel, we encourage you to make your own plans. Enjoy the advantages, but not the disadvantages of a group holiday. This means: mainly free departure times, stops and daily schedule whenever possible. Difficult routes we do together, so there is always someone to help.
  • Car trips include an adventure roadbook, off-road tips, technical backup and support.
  • A cool mix of enjoying the cultural and natural beauty of the destination.
  • Overnight stays at unique locations.
  • Lots of fun and great stories to share.
  • Optional: transportation of the car to and from the destination.


Travel, off-road or driving experience is not required. We only expect you to be on time with your car and travel companions at the start location. Of course you will get off-road tips from us, you will receive an extensive roadbook and we start each day with a short briefing. This way you are well prepared, you go out safely and you get the most out of the experience.


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