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We maintain your car, truck, motorcycle or quad so that you enjoy a comfortable and reliable expedition vehicle while traveling.


As with any adventure, there are some essentials that should be on your to-do list before you travel. Vehicle maintenance is a key item on that list. Of course, all vehicles need routine maintenance to ensure a long service life, and expedition vehicles are no exception. Maintenance is all the more important for expedition vehicles because parts wear out more quickly due to exposure to mud, water, dust, dirt, rough terrain and poor fuel.

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cars, trucks, motorcycles and quads

Comfortable and reliable vehicle

Preventive maintenance and routine inspections are indispensable to enjoy your trip with a comfortable and reliable vehicle. Thanks to their overlanding experience, our mechanics know better than anyone what impact deep water, rocks or other extreme off-road terrain can have on a vehicle. As a result, in addition to the regular maintenance tasks, they are able to detect and repair minor problems which could later cause major problems during an expedition. So you can enjoy every adventure even more.


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