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South America expedition | part 1

17 March, 2022

South America expedition | part 1

Expedition information
  • 17/03/2024 – 21/04/2024
  • 35 days
  • 5,000 km
  • 4

Bliss Mobil South America expedition

3-part journey

A trip to South America is almost on every bucket list. South America is synonymous with adventure. Be amazed by the extraordinary nature and exhilarated by the lively music. It is an ideal continent for traveling around bustling cities and sleepy villages, past vast salt flats and through dense rainforests, over high mountain passes and past colorful markets. The possibilities are endless!

But what are the real highlights? It can be quite difficult to choose, because South America is a beautiful and diverse continent. All countries have their own gems. In 3 parts we take you along the gems of South America:

  1. Paramaribo – Cusco (17/03/2024 – 21/04/2024)
  2. Cusco – Santiago (07/07/2024 – 10/08/2024)
  3. Santiago – Ushuaia (20/10/2024 – 23/11/2024)

These expeditions can be booked separately, but do you want the full South America experience? Then of course take part in all three expeditions.

35 days/34 nights
Guided tour

This will be our first time organizing this specific expedition for trucks. This video is not from this South America expedition but from our Africa Expedition. It does give you a good idea though of what to expect from our expeditions.

Paramaribo - Cusco

part 1

The first part of the 3-part journey starts in the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo, and takes us in 35 days to Cusco in southeastern Peru. In total we travel some 5000 kilometers through the Amazon via Suriname, Guyana and Brazil. So plenty to see and experience along the way!

Some highlights during this expedition

Early in our trip we drive through the Iwokrama rainforest, one of the last untouched tropical forests. We fly past the Kaieteur waterfall, one of the most powerful and beautiful waterfalls in the world. About 3x as high as Niagara Falls. You then steer your Bliss Mobil through the Amazon on the famous BR-319. This road was built in the early 1970s by the Brazilian military dictatorship, but was abandoned in the late 1980s. Keep your ears tuned and your eyes open, because did you know you can still spot the jaguar or puma in the wild here?

In Manaus we cross the Rio Negro, having traveled hundreds of kilometers on bright red, unpaved laterite roads. We continue our journey through Brazil’s little-visited, remote north. Of course in Brazil, picanha is on the menu. Buttersoft and oh-so tender. And typically Brazilian!

We alternate the sparsely populated jungle with bustling cities, because in this expedition there is room for both nature and culture. From rainforest to exciting music, this expedition has it all!

Finish in Cusco, Peru

After an unforgettable month we finish in Cusco, once the ancient capital of Tahuantinsuyo, the center of the Inca Empire. Of course, the expedition is only complete after a visit to Machu Picchu, the famous ruined city of the Incas. Machu Picchu stands 2430 meters above sea level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest. Literally and figuratively a highlight to end with.

Please note: this specific expedition can only be booked by Bliss Mobil owners. Then check out the car expedition.


Shipping to Paramaribo can take place from the Netherlands or Belgium. If you do not participate in the follow-up trips, you can ship your truck back from Lima. Shipping is exclusive calculated on day pricing. Please contact us for a custom quote.

What do we offer?

A rally-like tour, with challenges and instructions to improve your driving skills.

Professional organization by Overland Travel.

The expedition includes an adventurous road book, training, technical back-up and support.

Challenging routes through beautiful nature.

Overnight camping/bivak in your Bliss Mobil at unique spots.

Lots of fun and amazing stories to share.

The possibility transporting your truck to (and from) South-America by Overland Travel, while you fly in.

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