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Frequently asked questions

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    General questions

    Do I need experience to participate?

    Anyone with the correct driving license can participate in the expeditions. Both travel and off-road experience is not a must. Our tour guide trains, guides and helps you where necessary to fully enjoy the adventure. During the trip you will automatically gain experience with recovery, off-road driving, adjusting tire pressure and taking difficult passages.

    Do we always drive in a convoy or group?

    During the expedition we will have to drive as a convoy several times. Think of departure, arrival and just before border crossings, but also on difficult terrain. That is exactly why we do these expeditions in small groups. In this way we can help each other with challenging passages and recovery (if necessary). That makes it possible to get to beautiful places where you cannot go alone.

    In many cases you can decide for yourself whether you want to travel independently (based on coordinates) or go with us/the other adventurers. At the end of each day you will meet for the night at the bivouac/campsite. Of course you also meet regularly on the way. Support and help is always close by.

    Can I also rent another vehicle in addition to the rental of expedition trucks?

    We also offer tailor-made rental packages if you want to go on an adventure with a fully equipped Landcruiser. Minimum rental: 7 days. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

    Are there other destinations planned for the future?

    Certainly! All confirmed destinations can be found in the travel agenda. We continue to expand the travel offer continuously. The duration of all expeditions is between 10 and 21 days.

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    Expeditions with rental expedition truck

    How much does it cost to embark on an Overland Travel expedition with a rental truck?

    We get asked this question a lot, and we totally understand why! The truth is, the cost of an expedition with our rental truck depends on a variety of factors, such as your chosen destination, the duration of the trip, the number of people you’d like to book for, and your personal preferences. Our expeditions are partially customized to meet your unique needs and desires, and we’re confident that we can create an unforgettable journey that fits within your budget.

    To get an accurate idea of what your dream expedition would cost, we recommend requesting our brochure or getting in touch with us for a customized offer. Our team of professionals will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote and answer any other questions you may have.

    Which driving license do I need?

    With a driver’s license for a vehicle up to a maximum weight of 7,500 kg, you can drive a Bliss Mobil rental expedition truck. In Europe this is equivalent to a C1 driving license. If you have a non-European driving license, we advise you to contact us. Then we will verify your driving license with regards to driving the expedition truck.

    Do I drive the rental expedition truck myself?

    Yes! You are the driver and drive the expeditions truck yourself every day. Even during the difficult passages. The greater the victory when you have faced difficult terrain. Support and help is always close by. It goes without saying that we train, help and assist where necessary.

    In which vehicle am I going on an adventure?

    Our expedition trucks are Mercedes Ategos 1018 4×4, 13 foot high bed type 4 units. With the military-quality truck you can overcome harsh conditions and difficult off-road passages. The unit also offers you the necessary luxury and comfort. Think of it as your home away from home. The expedition trucks are equipped with everything you need for your off-road adventure: from equipment to a comfortable unit with shower, toilet, bed and much more.

    Read more about the Bliss Mobil 13 foot type 4 »

    Take a 3D-tour of the Bliss Mobil 13 foot type 4 »

    Do I receive training before I hit the road?

    We start each expedition with extensive training for truck and unit. On the way, our experienced tour guides are always nearby for additional information and any help.

    What makes an expedition with a rental expedition truck so special?

    Self-drive rental of an expedition truck is unique in itself, no other companies offer this. The combination with a journey which fits the capabilities and abilities of the truck is even more special. The Bliss Mobil unit offers you the true ‘Freedom of Independence’.

    During our expeditions we leave the beaten track and you experience the ultimate freedom that comes with self-sufficient travel. You’ll discover what real off-road driving means and you’ll visit locations that you can’t visit on your own. We enter the highlands of Iceland with meters deep river crossings, brave the high sand dunes of Morocco and Namibia and drive over miles of deserted beaches. Just to name a few examples. In short; our expeditions take you on a real adventure, with the comfort of home. Thanks to the fully equipped Bliss Mobil unit, this expedition combines luxury and adventure.

    What is on the packing list for an expedition with a rental expedition truck?

    Pack your suitcase as you would do for an adventurous holiday, in terms of clothing. We have thought of all the rest! From outdoor equipment, a fully equipped kitchen, bed linen and towels to navigation equipment and spare parts; the truck and unit are fully equipped and ready to go. We only expect you to enjoy the journey. After booking you will receive a packing list to help you pack for the expedition.

    What is included in the price of an expedition with a rental truck?

    • Professional organization: you don’t have to worry about a thing
    • Rental of the Bliss Mobil expedition truck and equipment
    • Third party insurance
    • Transport of the vehicle to the starting location
    • All overnight stays in the Bliss Mobil unit (at unique locations)
    • Breakfast and dinner at selected locations (if the situation allows)
    • 24/7 travel guidance, backup and support
    • Some memorable excursions
    • An extensive adventurous roadbook
    • Permits and guidance
    • Numerous unforgettable adventures

    What are the additional costs for an expedition with a rental truck?

    • Flight to/from destination
    • Fuel and toll
    • Damage, use of spare parts and tires
    • Meals (except breakfast and dinner at selected locations)
    • Other personal expenses
    • Third travel companion

    What is the deposit for?

    We require a deposit from all participants who join our expeditions with a rental expedition truck. This deposit covers any potential damage to the truck, including damage to the interior, flat tires, and the use of spare parts (excluding wear). We understand that accidents can happen, and we want to ensure that our rental trucks remain in the best possible condition for future expeditions. Rest assured that any unused portion of the deposit will be returned to you promptly at the end of the expedition. If you have any questions or concerns about the deposit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Is the deposit my maximum risk?

    We want our participants to have a safe and enjoyable expedition, which is why we provide clear instructions and guidelines throughout the journey. Following these instructions will ensure that the € 15,000 deposit is your maximum risk for any damage to the rental expedition truck, including damage to the interior, flat tires, and use of spare parts (excluding wear). However, in case of any ignored instructions or reckless behavior, and if the resulting damage exceeds the deposit amount, we will have to charge the full amount. Rest assured that we handle such situations professionally and transparently.

    Can we buy groceries before the start of the expedition?

    On departure there is the opportunity to do some shopping. Fill the refrigerator and (kitchen) cabinets with your favorite ingredients, snacks and supplies for on the go. You travel completely self-sufficient, so also provide food yourself. When the situation allows, you can order take-away or dine in restaurants.


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