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Expeditions with rental expedition truck

Overland x Bliss Mobil expeditions with a rented expedition truck are ideal for those who want a taste of the many benefits of a well-equipped expedition truck with a luxury unit, without any commitment or logistical challenges.

Rental expedition truck

‘How can we offer our customers the most amazing, adventurous and unique experience with the comfort of home?’ we asked ourselves. And so the Overland Travel x Bliss Mobil Expeditions were born. Our expeditions are a great opportunity to learn about overlanding and expedition trucks. Our rental expedition trucks (Mercedes-Benz Atego 1018 4x4 in combination with a 13 Foot High Bed Bliss Mobil unit) are for independent and self-sufficient travel and visiting remote areas. This way, everyone can experience adventures at the most beautiful destinations, without owning an expedition truck themselves.

With our Bliss Mobil rental expedition truck, you can take your luxury hotel room to the most remote and difficult places in the world. The expedition truck not only takes you from A to B, but thanks to the well-equipped unit and all the facilities, you can also stay anywhere in luxury. In the desert, at altitude, in the highlands of Iceland: no matter where you are, you can sleep comfortably, cook, shower, enjoy the sunset or warm your feet with the underfloor heating. This exceptional combination of luxury and adventure is true bucket list material.

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The rental expedition trucks are also very suitable if your truck is not on the continent where the expedition will take place or if your truck has not yet been delivered. Or for potential Bliss Mobil owners who do not (yet) have the time to make optimal use of their own unit. For our expeditions, we have thought and taken care of everything. It’s just a matter of packing your bag, flying to your destination and enjoying yourself.

Overland x Bliss Mobil expeditions with a rented expedition truck are also a perfect solution for those who want to sample the many benefits of the high-quality truck, unit and expeditions, without any commitment or logistical challenges. Scroll on for the current travel calendar.


Travel, off-road or driving experience is not required, just the right driving license. We only expect you to be at the start location on time. We do of course provide training (regarding the unit, truck and off-road driving), you will receive an extensive roadbook and we start each day with a short briefing. This way you are well prepared, you go out safely and you get the most out of the experience.


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