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Whether in your own vehicle or one of our Bliss Mobil rental expedition trucks, we are happy to take you to the most idyllic places on earth. In 'the overland way' of course. By fully unburdening you – without taking away the adventure – our trips distinguish themselves from any other type of overland trip. From dream trip to expedition vehicle building and everything in between: you can rely on us.
"Overland Travel's South America expeditions are a thrilling way to experience the continent."
"Experience the rugged nature, geysers, glaciers and vast landscapes during our Iceland Expedition with your own car."
“Are you ready for your own adventure through the untouched Moroccan landscape, the much-discussed dunes, the beautiful beach and the bustling cities?”
"Experience the rugged nature, geysers, glaciers and vast landscapes during the Bliss Mobil Iceland Expedition, with the comforts of home."

Nature, culture and freedom

Overland Travel stands for ultimate enjoyment of nature, culture and freedom. By travelling over land, – ‘the overland way’ – we come across unique places without tourists. Experience cities, but be closer to their local populations and to pure and unspoilt nature in particular. Luxury will be swapped for extremely adventurous experiences. Think of sleeping under the stars in the deserts from South America and Africa to China, ride onto the salt flats of Uyuni at sunrise, fly over the Amazon to the largest single waterfall in the world or cross the Amazon, Serengeti or Sahara to name but a few options. When you choose to travel with Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel, the list of unique experiences is endless.


What destination is on your bucket list? What's stopping you? Treat yourself to that trip!

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If you dream of adventure, our varied offer will make your heart beat faster.

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Overland Travel expeditions guarantee unique travel experiences that you will remember for a long time to come.

The ultimate adventure

Overland Travel's trips include shorter and longer trips of different levels of difficulty. All with ultimate adventure and unforgettable memories in mind. We visit the most imaginative places on each continent with your own 4x4 vehicle or one of our rental expedition trucks.

Turn your dream

into a plan!

Team Overland Travel

Our team members all have a great love for travel and adventure. As a result, they know better than anyone how to ensure that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Whether that is thanks to a detailed road book or a well-prepared vehicle.
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