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Iceland expedition

16 August, 2023

Iceland expedition

Expedition information
  • 16/08/25 – 31/08/25
  • 15 days
  • 1,700 km
  • 5

Discover the real Iceland in 15 days:

in a responsible and adventurous way

Experience the ultimate freedom of independence with your Bliss Mobil. From 16/08/25 – 31/08/25 we’ll organize this Iceland expedition for the fourth time for a select number of adventurers. Iceland is a destination that is at the top of many’s bucket list. It’s an amazing country you can responsibly go on an adventure with a Bliss Mobil this summer. The best way to experience the real Iceland and enjoy the breathtaking scenery is to drive through it at your own pace.

15 days
Guided tour

Feel. Smell. Taste. See.

Experience the freedom of independence.

From active volcanoes and hot springs to wild waterfalls, black sand beaches, impressive glaciers, ice caves and of course the particularly long days…. Iceland is definitely breathtaking and unlike any other country. In addition, our way of traveling is perfect for exploring the island this summer: adventurous, responsible and completely self-sufficient.

Travel self-sufficient across the fascinating island

With your home away from home (and a small group of travel companions) you’ll travel deep into the dramatic inland of Iceland. We’ll avoid the touristic Ring Road and Golden Circle, and even the asphalt, as much as possible. During this adventure you will leave the beaten track and overcome difficult (mountain) routes. We’ll visit locals’ favorite secluded spots – which can only be reached by 4×4 vehicles a few months a year – and travel straight through black deserts, deep and challenging river crossings and rugged, varying weather conditions.

Of course it is not just hard work behind the wheel. We’ll also make the most fantastic memories outside of the expedition truck. For example, think of hiking through the dramatic landscape, bathing in the thermal baths and enjoying the Icelandic kitchen.

Luxury & adventure

Iceland is a great destination for action and adventure. Experience the rugged nature, geysers, glaciers and vast landscapes during the Bliss Mobil Iceland Expedition, with the comforts of home. The Bliss Mobil unit offers you the true ‘Freedom of Independence’ and combines luxury with adventure.

Mountain roads and tracks

“Improve your driving skills while having fun”

No offroad driving experience is needed to take part in this expedition. During this journey, we would like to offer you the chance to improve your driving skills under the guidance of an experienced (offroad driver). He has a background in professional rallying and works as an experienced motorsports trainer and ‘overlander’. Please note: Fortunately, Iceland has very good rules to protect nature. That is why we only drive on the designated roads, mountain roads and tracks.

What do we offer?

A rally-like tour, with challenges and instructions to improve your driving skills.

Professional organization by Overland Travel.

The expedition includes an adventurous road book, training, technical back-up and support.

Challenging routes through the beautiful nature of Iceland via mountain roads and tracks.

Overnight camping/bivak in your Bliss Mobil at unique spots.

Lots of fun and amazing stories to share.

The possibility of ‘in service’ driving/shipping your truck to (and from) Iceland by Overland Travel, while you fly in.

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