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Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania expedition

26 September, 2020

Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania expedition

Destination: Southern Africa
Expedition information
  • 26/09/22 - 21/10/22
  • 26 days
  • 4,500 km
  • 5

An unforgettable expedition

through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania

Get ready for an extra adventurous journey through the wilderness of southern Africa. We will embark on a journey to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania in September 2022 (from 26/09/22 to 21/10/22).

These absolutely breathtaking countries in Africa are safe to travel and offer you the opportunity to maximize the use of your Bliss Mobil. You’ll see more than you can imagine! From the most diverse landscapes and abundant nature to the most special natural phenomena. And, with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to spot the Big Five: buffalos, lions, leopards, black rhinos and elephants.

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Tip! It is also possible to book an expedition in Namibia or Botswana with a Bliss Mobil rental expedition truck.

22 days
Guided tour

Please note: this video is not from this Namibia & Botswana Expedition but one of our previous Africa Expeditions (Big Five Expedition through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe). The video does give you a good idea of what you can expect from our expeditions.

Dream come true

for nature and safari lovers

If you’re a wildlife or animal lover, going on this expedition through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania will be a dream come true. You’re getting to experience what it’s like to see amazing creatures like rhinos, lions, wildebeests, hyenas, buffalos, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, giraffes, crocodiles, many different sort of birds and animals like aardvarks and bush babies yourself.

In short, this is a true wilderness expedition of outstanding beauty at every turn. And believe us, Africa’s desert skies are legendary! You’ll experience that yourself while sleeping under a blanket of a million stars in your own home away from home.

What can you expect?

This adventurous expedition starts in Maun (Botswana), from where we soon cross the border into Zimbabwe. Through Hwanhge Park we drive towards the most impressive waterfall in the world: the Victoria Falls. Hwange National Park is the largest nature reserve in Zimbabwe and should be on the bucket list of every safari enthusiast. The Big Five and 100 other species of mammals roam the savanna grasslands and forests of Hwange Park – the park has the greatest diversity of mammals of any national park in the world. After this highlight, it is time for the next bucket list item. We’ll visit the town of Livingstone (named after the European who discovered the breathtaking Victoria Falls) and the Victoria Falls itself.

The expeditions continues through the National Parks of Zambia, where we have a super-unique night safari planned. Passing cotton and tobacco plantations, we then drive to the beach of Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi has clear and calm waters that allow up to 30 meters of visibility at the best times of the year (August to December) to discover the underwater world of Malawi’s famous cichlid fish.

After visiting Lake Malawi we go north through the Malawi highlands, overlooking the lake. From low-lying Malawi to high-altitude Tanzania, it changes from the tropical bananas and mangoes of Malawi to a rapidly changing environment of green fields and pine trees in Tanzania.Truly wonderful to see!

We visit the Ngorongoro Crater and of course we’ll make a stop on the Serengeti Plain. This famous plain is known for the great wildebeest migration: the largest animal migration in the world. Every year, more than 2 million animals (wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle) migrate in a clockwise direction across the ecosystems of the Serengeti (Tanzania) and the Masai Mara (Kenya). For us, too, the Masai Mara Nature Reserve is the next stop before setting sail for our final destination: the African metropolis of Nairobi.

Combine this expedition

with our Namibia expedition

Tip! There is also a Namibia & Botswana expedition (LEG 1) that precedes this expedition. Although you can book both expeditions separately, we recommend you participate in both to get the most out of your Africa experience. After the first expedition we can arrange the storage of your vehicle (price on request). The vehicle will then be stored in a secured area close to the finish of the Namibia & Botswana expedition. Since we are also starting this follow-up expedition there, you can get back on board in September and enjoy this expedition (LEG 2) without having to ship the truck again.

Luxury & adventure

Africa is a great destination for a remote adventure. Experience the world’s last great wilderness areas from the comfort of your ‘home away from home’. The Bliss Mobil unit offers you the ‘freedom of independence’ and combines luxury with adventure.

What do we offer?

An adventurous journey with endless challenges, highlights and unforgettable moments.

A professional organization and complete unburdening: your only task is to drive and enjoy.

The trip includes an adventurous roadbook, off-road guidance, technical backup and support.

A cool mix of the cultural and natural beauty of southern Africa.

Some unforgettable experiences/excursions.

Overnight stays in unique locations.

Endless travel fun and great stories to share.

Transport & storage

Transport of your Bliss Mobil to the starting location of this expedition can of course be arranged, but is not included in the price of the trip. The price for shipping is based on open calculation. If you want to participate in both the Namibia & Botswana expedition (LEG 1) and this Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Tanzania expedition (LEG 2) we can arrange storage (price on calculation). This way you can just board again and continue your journey at the end of September 2022.

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