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At Overland Travel we don’t do comfort zones. Nothing grows there. We like to go (completely) off the beaten track, on our way to discover the best kept secrets and most beautiful places on earth. Think again before cleaning your car and parking it in the garage.


Pack your bags and join us on an adventure. After all, a clean car doesn’t tell a story. Push boundaries and make memories. After an expedition with Overland Travel you will have thousands of stories to tell. Because, he who sees a lot, has a lot to tell. The travel program until 2021 is ready for you. The pre-fun is, after all, just as important!

A world trip is a common dream. You are absolutely right! Because we want everyone to be able to have such a sensational adventure, we stimulate and inspire travellers to actually see more of the world. Stop dreaming and do it! And so the Overland World Tour concept was born. A world trip done in parts; initially from west to east in 3 separate, spectacular journeys. But the Overland World Tour does not stop until we have covered all continents and as long as there are still travellers who dream about the most beautiful (world) trips. Eventually we will travel through all continents and every season. And everyone can join in! This is also one of the beautiful elements of our expeditions: you will not just learn about the cultures, customs and local cuisine of the countries through which you travel, but also about each other’s. And what can possibly be better than sharing your passion with like-minded people?

Do you already have the key to your 4×4 in hand and are you all ready and excited? You can find our next adventures below.

“He who sees a lot, has a lot to tell”

“I’ve seen and done a lot in my life, but this expedition is really at the top of my list” is something we regularly hear from our customers. We organize overland expeditions you may not just come up with for yourself, but you will undoubtedly want to take part in. Who can say they spent 4 days in the rainforest, has seen the sun rising on the salt flats of Bolivia, has seen a spectacular amount of stars in the Paranal Atacama desert, stayed with locals  amidst the Amazon region or hit the hay in a yurt in Kyrgyzstan? Right! Very few people. Overland Travel’s expeditions are true bucket list material. When will you join?

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