Project Description

Bliss Mobil Around the World Leg 1 – Tokyo

Take an adventurous trip around the world and visit the Olympic Games

This will be a Bliss Mobil Expedition to remember! A journey full of adventure, beautiful landscapes and unforgettable impressions. There are thousands of kilometers of asphalt and gravel between our starting point (Novosibirsk) and our destination Tokyo. We travel around 9,500 km through beautiful countries, where landscapes and people will steal your heart. Deserts and mountain passes will have to be conquered, you will make new friends and experience unforgettable adventures. And of course you can’t leave Tokyo without encouraging your national athletes.

Expedition information

Departure 27-06-2022
Arrival 10-08-2022
Duration 45 days
Distance  9.500 km
Countries  5
Level  5

Adventurous expedition through Russia, Mongolia, China, South Korea and Japan

With our Bliss Mobils we travel through a total of 5 countries in 45 days. This wonderful journey starts in Novosibirsk (Russia) and we finish in the capital of Japan about 1.5 months later. Soon after the start of the journey, we cross the Altaj Mountains. Not known by many, but incredibly beautiful. In Mongolia we defy mountains, steppes, desert, dunes and forests. We travel from west to east, through the most beautiful (and varied) areas. Who is up for a barbecue with locals or a horse ride through the vast nature?

In China we will of course make a stop at both the impressive Chinese wall and the metropolis of Beijing. After China it’s time to board the ferry to South Korea. Who would have thought you would drive across the South Korean border yourself? One of the many bucket list moments of this trip. We will drive right through this unique country. Through Seoul, the demilitarized zone between north and south, the wetlands, tea fields and along the coast. Get acquainted with the authentic South Korean culture and be amazed by the traditional customs.

Finish in Tokyo

Before we finish in style in Tokyo, the beautiful route takes us over Japanese islands, past volcanoes and Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan. As you can see, the journey consists of numerous highlights, with a visit to the Olympic Games as the icing on the cake. Or the wasabi on the sushi. Once we arrive at our final destination – Tokyo – we will have time to unwind, visit the Olympic Games (tickets not included) and look back on this amazing journey. Later on we will put our Bliss Mobils on the boat to the next destination for AtW leg 2 and we’ll fly back home with a suitcase filled with unforgettable experiences.

What do we offer?

  • An adventurous tour with an endless number of challenges, highlights and unforgettable moments.
  • Professional organisation, meaning you won’t have to worry about a thing: your only task is to drive and enjoy.
  • This tour includes an adventurous road book, off-road guidance, technical backup and support.
  • An awesome mix of cultural and natural beauty.
  • A number of unforgettable experiences/moments/excursions (surprise).
  • Stays at unique locations in your Bliss Mobil.
  • Endless amounts of fun and fantastic stories to share.
  • The possibility to transport your Bliss Mobil to Novosibirsk (not included).

Transport of your Bliss Mobil to the starting point of the expedition can be taken care of, however, it is not included in the price of the expedition. The price for transportation is based on open calculation and depends e.g. on your start location. More information you will find in the factsheet which you can download above.

How do I get to Novosibirsk?

The starting point of the expedition, in Novosibirsk, lies on the edge of the Altai Mountains; deep within Siberia. There are various options for getting to the start in Novosibirsk on time, namely:

  1. Embark on an adventure and determine your own route and pace. We will see you on the 27th of June in Novosibirsk!
  2. Have Overland Travel ship and drive your truck to the starting point of the expedition. This way you can take the airplane and start this journey well rested.
  3. Join the Overland Travel transport to Novosibirsk. We leave Riga on June 13th to cross the Russian border on our way to Moscow. Here we will spend a day exploring the city. From Moscow we will drive a large number of kilometers every day to arrive at the start of the expedition on time.
We leave in