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Expeditions with Bliss Mobil rental vehicles


Are you up for a rally-like tour? As we’ll be leaving the public roads behind us, this means you’ll have to buckle up and work ‘hard’ behind the wheel every once in a while. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience! All our expeditions are comprised of highlights only. Not just as far as experiences go, but that includes the route and challenges as well. You will return home with a suitcase filled with priceless travel memories and new skills.

Iceland expedition

Duration? 11 days
Distance? 1,475 km
Expedition 1: 18/07/21 – 28/07/21
Expedition 2: 01/08/21 – 11/08/21
Expedition 3: 15/08/21 – 25/08/21
Expedition 4: 29/08/21 – 08/09/21

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Morocco expedition

Duration: 10 days
Distance: 1,525 km
Expedition 1: 30/10 – 08/11 (2021)
Expedition 2: 11/11 – 20/11 (2021)
Expedition 3: 27/11 – 06/12 (2021)
Expedition 4: 09/12 – 18/12 (2021)

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Adventurous expeditions

Do you dream of a worldwide adventure, but with the comforts of home? Experience the freedom of independence with a Bliss Mobil rental expedition truck. Join one of our adventurous self-drive expeditions with an endless number of challenges, highlights and unforgettable moments. The unique character of our expeditions makes it unlike any other journey you have experienced!

Expeditions for rentals

From spring 2020 you can join one of the exclusive expeditions for rental vehicles. All these expeditions are catered to the needs of Bliss Mobil adventurers, including: ultimate convenience, a select group, professional guidance, offroad training and technical back up and support.

After successful Bliss Mobil expeditions in Northern Africa, Southern Africa and Scandinavia, Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel have once again combined their knowledge, experience and specialism to introduce a unique product: adventurous expeditions with a rental vehicle. You make your own journey, but you also benefit from the pleasure and convenience of traveling in a small group, with an experienced guide.

As of 2020 there will be 10 rental expedition trucks available with a 13 Foot High Bed Bliss Mobil unit presented on a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz Atego 1018 4×4; extremely suitable for remote and independent travel. This means that everyone can now realize their travel dreams. Carefree.


  • An adventurous tour with an endless number of challenges, highlights and unforgettable moments.
  • Professional organisation, meaning you won’t have to worry about a thing: your only task is to drive and enjoy.
  • This tour includes an adventurous road book, off-road guidance, technical backup and support.
  • An awesome mix of cultural and natural beauty.
  • A number of unforgettable experiences/moments/excursions (surprise).
  • Stays at unique locations.
  • Endless amounts of fun and fantastic stories to share.

Get a taste of the benefits

In short, the expedition trucks are a perfect solution for those who want to get a taste of the many benefits of the high quality units and expeditions, without any obligations or logistical hassle. This way you can make the best use of your sparse vacation days and are able to visit remote areas you can’t visit on your own. The only thing we expect from you, is to enjoy this unique adventure.

Bliss Mobil Expedition

Can’t wait to start the engine of your Bliss Mobil?