You are the proud owner of a Bliss Mobil. This means that you dream of a worldwide adventure, but with the comforts of home. Not everyone is a born globetrotter, but as a Bliss-owner you clearly have an adventurer inside of you. But how do you take the step from dream to actual plan? That’s exactly what Overland Travel and Bliss Mobil will help you with. Together we challenge travelers and adventurers to leave the beaten path and to make dreams come true. The most beautiful memories are usually not made sitting at your desk.

Do you already have the key to your Bliss Mobil in hand and are you all ready and excited? You can find our next adventures below.

Upcoming expeditions

A world trip is a common dream. You are absolutely right! Because we want everyone to be able to have such a sensational adventure, we stimulate and inspire Bliss-travelers to actually see more of the world. Stop dreaming and do it! And so the Bliss Around the World concept was born. A world trip done in parts; initially from west to east in 3 separate, spectacular journeys. But Bliss Around the World does not stop until we have covered all continents and as long as there are still Bliss-travelers who dream about the most beautiful (world) trips. Eventually we will travel through all continents and every season. And every Bliss owner can join in! This is also one of the beautiful elements of Bliss expeditions: you will not just learn about the cultures, customs and local cuisine of the countries through which you travel, but also about each other’s. And what can possibly be better than sharing your passion with like-minded people?


To ensure that everyone can enjoy the Bliss vehicle and expedition optimally, we have developed a ‘training expedition‘. During this unique journey through Morocco you will gain all of the skills to look after yourself (or with help from your fellow travelers) during any possible challenges you may face while traveling. Think of treacherous sand dunes, steep mountains, loose sand on the beach and more. Because it can be quite turbulent and overwhelming at times. However, the training is always tougher than the actual game. After this training expedition – which also offers plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful Moroccan country – you will be fully prepared for all of the Bliss expeditions, of which many will follow.

Previous expeditions